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Once in awhile, when there is a truly unique product or service that really doesn’t have any competition, or anything else with similar features, I will do a “product spotlight” to let everyone know “hey, look at this, it’s really interesting.” One such product is “AGloves“.

When I received the review pair, one of the first things I noticed was the quality that went into the manufacture of these gloves, and the very interesting information accompanying them. This company is proud of their product, and the technology that went into creating them. Rightly so. Lets take a look.

In 2010, a Colorado based team decided to create a touch screen glove that was unlike any other. They just didn’t put conductive patches on existing gloves, no way. They designed the AGloves from the bottom up, complete with real pure silver thread interwoven throughout the entire fabric, adding considerable expensive to manufacture. Let’s see why this is so revolutionary, and important.

The how and why of the tech behind the product:
Modern touch screen devices use CAPACITIVE screens. They detect the capacitance of your finger, basically electrons to flow between you and your device, completing a circuit with the screen, which is why conventional gloves don’t work, because they act as a barrier instead of a conduit.

Regular gloves manufactured from regular materials are unable to provide this conductive touch your screen can utilize, thereby your touch screen device is unusable while you are wearing conventional gloves… or you could say regular gloves render your fingers useless.

Jennifer Spencer (Founder, C.E.O., President of Agloves) to the rescue! Because of the real silver thread woven throughout the glove to draw capacitance from your whole hand to all ten of your fingertips, you can touch type without any problems or typos.

Agloves are also quite practical in everyday use. The fingers and palm have “gripper dots” to make sure you won’t have things slipping out of your hands. They aren’t bulky or hard to manipulate in, making then very comfortable to wear. The silver sheen mixed into the black fabric is eye catching, so they also happen to be quite stylish.

Today, Aglove features five styles
(original $19.99, sport $25.99, grip touch $29.99, natural $25.99, and heavy duty $34.99)

Negatives? Well, this isn’t a comparative review,  nor an advertisement. This is a product spotlight. Because this product is so unique, there really isn’t anything to compare them with or against. Agloves are an extremely well thought out product. I simply can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want them.

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