Bend Me, Shape Me, Anyway You Want Me…

Move over Gorilla Glass, your polar opposite has come to town. Meet Willow Glass.

While on one hand, Corning is currently on Gorilla Glass 3, engineered for it’s incredible strength and protection, someone at Corning had a stroke of pure genius, and went the other way, a product extremely thin, light, and flexible, to compete against plastics manufacturers. Thus, Willow Glass was born.

Measuring in at just 0.1 millimeter thick, Corning Willow Glass will be manufactured in spools. ( Video here ) Willow Glass can be used as an interior display base substrate, or an exterior protective shell.

What does this mean for you? Devices of all types no longer have to be the usual square or rectangular slab. Curved, flexible displays from mobile handheld devices up to televisions and circular displays are possible.

Literally, the flexibility of Willow Glass will open up a new realm of possibilities for consumer electronics designers to use it and discover new form factors. There are more than 150,000 mobile devices damaged everyday in the United States ~ that’s 6,250 mishandled units per hour ~  ending up with shattered screens. The research that Corning is literally pouring into developing innovations like Willow Glass will change the future. See more video showing the future here.

You can expect to see the first consumer devices featuring Willow Glass entering the market place in 2014.

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