Clouds Rain Cash For Merchants. Cha~Ching!

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Starting up a new business is hard, setting up shop can be even harder. You have had to  brainstorm to decide what type of business you are launching, you carefully rented a storefront location, stocked it with your chosen specialty, and reserved advertisements in local media.

What are  you planning to do about a POS? Point Of Sale. (What used to be called a cash register.) A good Point Of Sale is one of THE most important things a merchant needs. The buck quite literally stops here, and unfortunately for many new startups, POS is usually the one most often overlooked part of the business, or at best, not optimized for maximum efficiency.

You certainly don’t want to spend all your startup seed capital on complicated systems, and few have the budget to pay an IT guy to set up, configure, and maintain.

Well all that that has changed. A revolutionary company named Vend has come up with an even MORE revolutionary way to take the complicated electronic cash register systems and make them as simple to use as a cash drawer.

Vend takes the whole back end of the POS, Software, Systems, and IT, and moved it off your computer, to the Cloud. This means you don’t have any configuring or software upgrates and updates, because it is cloud based, it is already done for you. If you can use a web browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.) you can use the Vend system, and it works on an iPad, Mac, Windows, or Android device.

If you lose your internet connection, not to worry, Vend keeps processing your sales, the data will automatically synchronize the next time you connect. Your data is also secure, as Vend backs up your data several times a day, on secure servers. So it’s protected, and can only be accessed by you.

Vend is as malleable as the cloud itself. Go from just one register, to multiple registers at multiple locations. Vend has done an amazing job of keeping the user interface clean and uncluttered, so when it comes time for the all important check out, it’s quick, easy, and fun to use.

Over the years, I have seen many different POS systems come and go, and in my experience, Vend is by far the best economically, technically, and for ease of use, freeing up a new merchants frazzled mind to focus on the important things, like running their business.

The good news: Everything above, plus Vend lets you get started free of charge with one register and up to 10 products. From there, the prices are incredibly reasonable.

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