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I'm an I.T. Security Professional, Technology Analyst, Consultant, & Tech Writer Protecting You From Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Hackers, and other Cyber Threats. I enjoy taking complicated subjects, and putting them in a way that's easy for everyone to understand. My site INFORMATIONWARFARE.US gives free advice to combat threats to your system.

Hackers TARGET Your Favorite Retail Stores

In a reported FBI bulletin to major retailers across the US, they state that 2014 will see about one major retailer per month falling victim to cyber attacks, as hackers are targeting credit card transactional information and details of customers. This isn’t welcome news, since many are still reeling from the effects of recent attacks, for example, during the […]

One Second Is All It Takes

Every single second, from 1 to 9 new pieces of Malware are created, adding to the never ending swarm buzzing around you. The truth, is anti-malware software isn’t good enough, but the average person can’t afford to be without whatever protection is does provide. In a recent, NPR Interview, Mr. Peter W. Singer, of the Brookings […]

Is The Grinch Stealing YOUR Christmas?

If you are venturing into a retailer this Christmas season, The Grinch may have beaten you to it. Cyber Grinches to be more accurate. Let me explain… Back in December, 2012, Israeli firm Seculert discovered “DEXTER“, which was then written about in an Ars Technica article. DEXTER is an especially sneaky piece of Malware that attacks POS […]

Dr. Tech’s Top 20 Fantasy Gift List!

Christmas is right around the corner, and Black Friday events are just next week. The number one question I have been bombarded with are what are my top tech gift ideas for Christmas? You asked, I listened, Here are my 20 suggestions, some viable, some outrageous, and one for a smile. You will notice an […]

The Morris Worm – 25 Years later.

It seems like every day, the news is full of security exploits, for example, The critical Microsoft Windows and Office vulnerability, the Google Crawler issue, and now Internet Explorer users have issues as well. Viruses, malware, security issues, they are everywhere. This week, I would like to pause and look back to November 2, 1988. Many of you reading […]

Big Data. It Wants To Pull You In.

Big Data. You have heard the term bandied about in the news more and more frequently. Have you thought about what it means to you? You will be surprised to know it’s all about YOU, probably more than you ever imagined, or wanted. What is “Big Data“? Wikipedia explains it nicely, “Big data is the term for […]