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They’re Heeeere: it’s Janicab.

Janicab is here. In case you haven’t heard, it is one of the latest Malware releases, one that targets both Mac OS & Windows OS. Do a quick Google search about Janicab, you will see droves of websites talking about it, like Intego, F-Secure, Avast, Macrumors, and ArsTechnica, just to name a few. In the arsenal […]

Peeping Tom Webcam Is Watching YOU

“Hackers” may be watching YOU, courtesy of your webcam. Even if your webcam light is off, the webcam itself may be on, and you possibly being watched. Where do you have your computer? In your bedroom? Impossible you say? You wish. The news is filled with incidents, for example, the Miss Teen USA webcam hack of […]


The Cryptopocalypse Is HERE! In less than 30 seconds, the private information that you enter into millions of websites protected with HTTPS encryption, previously thought safe, have now suffered BREACH. That’s correct. SSL and TLS is starting to fail. The internet is afire with news, saying there is “No easy way to stop BREACH from plucking secrets from […]

Private or Covert. You Decide.

Hackers. Scammers. Your Boss. Your enemies. The Government. Foreign Governments. The list goes on. When you want PRIVACY most, It seems like everyone is watching your every move online, and you can bet your sweet bippy, it isn’t for your benefit. Over the past few months I have been talking quite a bit about online […]

Ransomware ~ From Russia with love.

A family friend woke up at 6AM, put the coffeemaker on, and switched on her computer, just like she does every morning ready to start the day. Unfortunately, today was different. Today, she would be in for the shock of her life. The screen above is very similar to the one that greeted her. Needless […]

What’s Threatening Your Business?

Someone, or something is threatening your business. The question is, how prepared are you? ARE you, REALLY? Have you done a complete Business Risk Assessment to fully identify and evaluate all the risks aimed at your business? Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan, and a Business Continuity Plan in place? Insurance companies may offer reduced premiums […]

Clouds Rain Cash For Merchants. Cha~Ching!

Article first published as Clouds Rain Cash For Merchants on Technorati. Starting up a new business is hard, setting up shop can be even harder. You have had to  brainstorm to decide what type of business you are launching, you carefully rented a storefront location, stocked it with your chosen specialty, and reserved advertisements in local […]

Why Flash Media Will Burn You

Article first published as Why Flash Media Will Burn You on Technorati. USB Flash drives are absolutely amazing, capable of storing up to ONE TERABYTE of data in the palm of your hand is miraculous. Gone are the days of floppies, and CD/DVD disc media is all but gone as well. In addition, the fact that […]