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One Second Is All It Takes

Every single second, from 1 to 9 new pieces of Malware are created, adding to the never ending swarm buzzing around you. The truth, is anti-malware software isn’t good enough, but the average person can’t afford to be without whatever protection is does provide. In a recent, NPR Interview, Mr. Peter W. Singer, of the Brookings […]

Dr. Tech’s Top 20 Fantasy Gift List!

Christmas is right around the corner, and Black Friday events are just next week. The number one question I have been bombarded with are what are my top tech gift ideas for Christmas? You asked, I listened, Here are my 20 suggestions, some viable, some outrageous, and one for a smile. You will notice an […]

The Morris Worm – 25 Years later.

It seems like every day, the news is full of security exploits, for example, The critical Microsoft Windows and Office vulnerability, the Google Crawler issue, and now Internet Explorer users have issues as well. Viruses, malware, security issues, they are everywhere. This week, I would like to pause and look back to November 2, 1988. Many of you reading […]

Cyber Bombs Hit Financial Institutions

Have you been paying attention to the news lately? Chances are you will have heard the term DoS or DDoS, but haven’t had a clue, or a care, what it is or what it means. You should. It means major financial institutions and corporations are under frequent attack. Charles Schwab. JP Morgan Chase. Bank of America. […]

Why Flash Media Will Burn You

Article first published as Why Flash Media Will Burn You on Technorati. USB Flash drives are absolutely amazing, capable of storing up to ONE TERABYTE of data in the palm of your hand is miraculous. Gone are the days of floppies, and CD/DVD disc media is all but gone as well. In addition, the fact that […]