MHL: A Link To Big Screen Entertainment

MHL. Mobile High-Definition Link. Just another high tech acronym to add to the ever growing list? Yes, but MHL is something you will probably want to make sure your next piece of tech has.

What exactly IS Mobile High-Definition Link? The short answer, it’s a MicroUSB cable that acts like an HDMI cable, with a few extra perks. Let’s take a look at it together and see why you will want it.

MHL is the result of a consortium of tech giants Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Toshiba, and Silicon Image. The MHL consortium website says it best “The MHL specification is an HD video and digital audio interface for connecting mobile phones and portable devices to HDTVs and other home entertainment products. It utilizes established connectors and features a single cable with a 5-pin interface, supports 1080p HD video and digital audio and simultaneously provides power to the mobile device. It also enables the TV remote to control the mobile phone and access its contents.”

You are probably asking what is so special about that, as many devices have an HDMI port out already.

True, however MHL also allows you to send control data, so controlling the portable device using the TV remote control is possible, as well as the cable providing power, so the mobile device doesn’t run out of battery life while watching content.

If you have a device thats supports MHL, and an MHL supported TV, then you are in luck. All you need is an MHL adapter, which you can purchase for approx $25 or less, and you are ready to go.

One of the coolest MHL enabled gadget is from everyone’s favorite video streaming device, Roku, has launched a very cool device called the Roku Streaming Stick, basically  they shrunk a Roku box down even more into the size of a large flash drive. It will plug directly into a TV set’s MHL enabled HDMI port. Watch for many flat screen makers advertising their sets as “Roku Ready”, some bundling the Streaming Stick in with the purchase.

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