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As most of you, my readers, know, I usually write high level overviews of emerging technology coming down the pipe. Once in awhile, when I come across a really interesting product, I like to do a product spotlight. Enjoy!

Matrix Audio, a Canadian company, has revealed a speaker smaller than the size of a golf ball, called the QUBE.

As we all know, good things tend to come in small packages, and the QUBE carries that on by packing a lot of fun into this QUBE. You will really want to get one of these for your office cubicle. Incredibly small, sexy, and beautiful, it rocks in the looks department. Coated with aluminum, it comes in three colors. Red, black, and native aluminum, and pumps out amazing sound for it’s size. Which one would you chose?

Decisions, decisions. Well you just might want to grab all three colors, but guard them, your friends will definitely be borrowing them.

The QUBE is actually slightly smaller than a golf ball, and twice the weight (78 Grams), so there is a bit of heft and significance to the unit.. With 3 watts output and Passive Vibrating Bass (PVB) technology, get ready to be amazed. For such a miniscule device, the QUBE is loud enough to fill large room with sound. Equipped with a built in rechargeable battery, get ready for up to 8 hours of continuous playback of your favorite music or book.

The wired version is $49.99. Each QUBE comes witha universal 3.5mm Headphone jack, carrying pouch included. Total dimentions: 38mm x 38mm x 38mm. A bluetooth version is coming approximately in March.

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