You Shall Not Pass!

Vulnerabilities, glitches, bugs, the software we use today on our computers and mobile devices is full of them, sometimes it seems problems are tripping over themselves.

Every time we experience a glitch of some kind, it is usually down to “hasty programming“. When we download an app or software, and experience a freeze up, or unexpected crash at some point while using it, the issue comes down mainly to faulty coding, otherwise known as an “Undocumented Feature“.

Businesses are in the business of profit. They want to put out new software and apps, but they don’t invest the resources into FULLY testing it to eliminate glitches and bugs. Coders/Programmers are under intense pressure to get the software released.

You ask yourself, “If only there was software that didn’t crash.” Well, actually, there is, proof that it certainly IS possible, but not for consumer electronics and applications.

This kind of super software is referred to as MISSION CRITICAL. Software that MUST NOT CRASH, or literally loss of life is imminent. This needs a team of programmers as dedicated as Gandalf himself.

The good news, is they DO exist. No, not Gandalf.

Where do you find software like this? Well, NASA, for one. Think about it. The computers on the Space Shuttle can not crash, stall, freeze, or glitch. If they did, that would mean certain loss of life. A wonderful article written by Charles Fishman from Fast Company, illustrates this perfectly. How the On Board Shuttle group, a team of 260 men and women who work for Lockheed Martin Corps space mission systems division. They are the elite of the elite, achieving Level 5 ranking of the Federal Governments Software Engineering Institute (SEI), and that’s as prestigious as you can get in the world of programming.

So what does the average person do, fed up with software issues? Other than directly and loudly complain to software publishers, not a whole lot.

It isn’t just the everyday average person that has problems, even NASDAQ has software issues once in awhile.

This is a problem that doesn’t have a solution, unless software publishers and programmers tighten their methods and do thorough testing on every single line of code.

Don’t give up hope. Maybe the next program or version of operating system will be just a little less buggy on the consumer side. Till then, when you encounter issues, call the software publisher and voice your displeasure.

Smooth running software certainly is possible.


Jacques Redmond

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