Symantec/Norton Antivirus gives up!

BiohazardFor the past 25 years, since March 1, 1982, computer users have turned to Symantec, THE company that pioneered antivirus software in order to protect their systems from malicious software.

Today Symantec throws up their hands in defeat, stating that the way most antivirus software works, by trying to keep malicious software and hackers out, is doomed to failure.

In an article in the Wall Street Journal, a senior security VP stated that “Antivirus “is dead””. and that most antivirus catch just 45% of cyber attacks.

In order for Symantec/Norton to survive, they have to change how their systems are structured, so now instead of trying to keep hackers and malware out, which is an exercise in futility, Norton/Symantec will use new methods assume hackers and malware have already infiltrated your system, and it is now a game of damage mitigation by providing threat briefings to corporate customers.

This isn’t exactly new news in the antivirus industry. A Tech World article in 2012 says Antivirus is a waste of time and money.

Unfortunately, this new tactic basically leaves consumers, home computer users, without anything new to protect them. Symantec is keeping the Norton name, but the focus of the brand will now be for corporate clients.

So what is left for the consumer to do?

Continue to barricade your system by using the current best antivirus software available, such as, BitDefender, which uses behavior based heuristic detection to keep you protected. It isn’t the only antivirus option out there that offers heuristic evaluation, but it is always ranked among the most effective overall.

It is always important to run regular backups, use a local hard drive and a cloud based service like google drive to insure data survivability, and be selective in what websites and links you are actually clicking on.

Finally, I invite you to visit to learn more about all types of cyber threats.





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