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HACK to Basics: cash and carry

Hackers are threatening to take the retail sector back 50 years with their latest victory on corporate America. Cyber criminals are no longer targeting individuals to obtain their banking and credit card details. They’re now focusing on where we actually spend our money. Why hack one person’s details when you can get millions of credit […]


It may surprise you to learn that there are actually some good hackers, dedicated to fighting the legions of the criminally minded cyber hooligans hellbent on destroying you, your systems, interrupting your life in any way they can…the BLACK HATS. The good hackers are called WHITE HATS, using the exact same skills, honed to perfection, for the […]

Antivirus For Your Car!

Hackers may be able to take control of your vehicle while you are driving it. You are riding along in your automobile…that’s right about where the famous Chuck Berry song stops, and things get quite sinister. Imagine your Tesla Model S vehicle locks, horn, headlights, and skylight stop responding to your commands. There is nothing wrong with your vehicle, […]

Symantec/Norton Antivirus gives up!

For the past 25 years, since March 1, 1982, computer users have turned to Symantec, THE company that pioneered antivirus software in order to protect their systems from malicious software. Today Symantec throws up their hands in defeat, stating that the way most antivirus software works, by trying to keep malicious software and hackers out, is doomed to failure. In an article in […]